Tips in Choosing the Right Paint Color for your Rooms


Deciding on the perfect paint color for each room could be confusing and even overwhelming, at times; but it doesn’t really have to. All you need is careful thinking, imagination, and a little bit of testing to figure out which color would be best for each room.


Here are some tips you may find useful in picking a paint color for each room in your house:


Check magazines or the internet for interesting designs. – Most of the do-it-yourselfers or bloggers on the web flaunt their designs to inspire – use it to your advantage. And the same goes for interior designers who are featured on magazines. You can get an idea on which colors work well together and can even copy some of their ideas.


If you have already narrowed down your selection, test some samples. – Even when you have already seen color samples in photos, over the internet, or even inside the paint bucket itself, you don’t know how the color would register on your wall. Get samples and paint a portion of the wall so you can easily visualize the end result. Observe how the color will change under different types of lighting, too.


Buy the décor and furniture items for the room first. – Having the details of the room your are trying to build can help a lot in deciding the best background to bind all these details together.


Think about maintenance. – If you are painting a room that is most likely to be exposed to dirt or dust, you have to go for a finish that is easy to clean and maintain. For example, matte finish is not really good for dust prone areas since particles can stick to the matte painted walls and wouldn’t be easy to remove. For rooms that are most likely to be busy, glossy paint finishes are more suitable since they could be maintained by simply wiping away the dirt.